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About Us

About Us

Kool Eyez supplies fashion contact lenses and accessories world wide. Whether you are looking for that special pair of lenses to complete a Halloween look or costume, or if you just have a party to go to and want to amaze your friends and change your eye color, we can help you. Within our various ranges of Kool Eyez fantasy lenses and Kool Eyez crazy contact lenses we have a wide variety which is sure to appeal to everyone.


What makes our lenses unique and sets us apart from other fashion lens suppliers you may see is, not only do we have locations in the United Kingdom but we also have a presence in the United States. What this means to you is you are not dealing with a company overseas. In addition to this unlike many other suppliers, our products are certified by authorizing agencies all over the world including the far east, Europe and the United States.  Yes!!!! Our lenses are "FDA APPROVED".


This is very important because to be FDA compliant is not only a legal requirement, but also allows you to shop safe in the knowledge that our products have been manufactured to the highest possible standards and screened for your safety.  There are a lot of of cheap crazy contact lenses out there.  We pride ourselves on being affordable and offering the safest products for you.